The Beauty Of Eyelash Extensions

The biggest misconception circulating around eyelash extensions is that they ruin your lashes in the long run, and stutter their growth. But, with eyelashes varying from natural to dramatic, our professionals choose lashes that will not add any weight to yours, and thus DO NOT harm the natural growth!

Want To Cut Down Your Time Getting Ready In The Mornings?

Eyelash extensions are great because they allow you to save significant time getting ready. Whether you’re on vacation or enjoying your everyday life, they make it easier to be on the go. Running out of mascara is never a thing and neither is losing your eyelash curler.

We offer a wide range of lash extension sets ranging from classic/natural looks, to more dramatic sets fit for any event. Most importantly, our lash technician customizes your sets with individual lashes which guarantee unharmed natural lashes.

Link to common questions about lash extensions:

Prices for New Lash Extension Sets

Classic (natural look)      $150.00
Glamor (2D)
Dramatic (Russian Volume)

Note: Lashes can only be applied to enhance your own available natural lashes.  So lashes will be applied on the number of your own available lashes – in some cases more than 80 to 100+ per eye)


Touch ups every 2.5-3 weeks are needed because your natural lash typically falls out every 60-90 days and is naturally replaced by your own new eyelash growth.  As your natural lash falls out, your lash extension which is attached leaves as well.  This will require the need to refill onto the new lash growth

Touch-up within 2-3 weeks:


$50 (Classic)

$60 (2D)

$70 Russian Volume Refill

Lash extensions will fall out little by little every week.  To keep a full look, touch-up will be recommended every 2 – 4 weeks (average: every 3 weeks)

Time for a fresh new Full Set:

If returning after 4 weeks,  – it’s most likely the time for another fresh new full set.   Or 85-100.00 -touch-up

Removal of eyelash extension