gavanic face beforegavanic face afterGalvanic Skin Resurfacing harnesses the body’s powerful mechanisms for restoring health, self repair, and well-being and allowing the tissue to reshape itself. A completely painless low frequency electrical impulse is passed into the body. (Just a tingle may be felt). The Beauty Ion Pro Machine can treat many procedures with this latest technology including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, pregnancy stretch marks, fat reduction, cellulite and shaping.

How Exactly Does Galvanic Skin Resurfacing Work?  It is typically well known that when living cells are injured they respond by repairing themselves.  New living cells then replace dead ones and existing cells will adapt.  Living tissue will normally ‘overreacts’ to an injury (as with muscle tissue following weight lifting).  Electricity triggers these cellular regenerative effects, but no measurable damage to the tissue is observed.  It appears that the body is simply ‘tricked’ into healing an injury that does not exist, which results in reversal of cellular deterioration (also known as aging).

Increasing blood flow to transport essential nutrients and oxygen  around the body also helps in the reversal of damaged tissue.  An improvement in overall blood flow enables more essential nutrients to be transported to where they are needed and provides more oxygen to the mitochondria for improved energy production.

In order to transfer the energy into the body, differing electrical currents of low frequency, modulated waveforms are used.  In addition to stimulating the natural healing properties of tissue, Beauty Ion Pro also creates a disturbance of water in the treated area.  The probe and a counter-electrode generate an electrical potential which stimulates the ions in the area making the water to be redistributed.  As a result, the electric current and mechanical massage stimulate the lymphatic pathways to remove water containing toxic materials and metabolites.

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